Fine Ammo Production

Welcome to Fine Ammo. I am producing handloads only (in contrast to factory loads). Factories put out 4000 rounds from one Camdex loading machine per hour. I put out 3000 a day on a good day. My quality is WAY higher. Handloads are widely known as being better for consistency and accuracy. I physically handle each and every round I produce. I hand inspect each round to pull cosmetic problems and check for damaged rounds. I carefully load each and every round making sure powder charges are within published limits but always push toward the upper end of those limits instead of factory loads which tend to average in the middle of the road power ranges. I label my boxes for use in specific firearms.

You for instance do not want to load a high power load in a 150 year old antique rifle made for black powder. I will even load for individuals for specific firearms as well. I use very high end Dillon 1050 presses which are very precise and exact in their mechanical function and ability to put together a high quality cartridge. These cartridges are Made in Wyoming for use in Wyoming hunting, defensive and varmint control issues. Almost all my rounds use specialty bullets made by the finest companies. They are certainly catering to the niche market of those that want to use the best but do not reload so they have trouble finding the finest bullets available only to the hand loader. I am supplying those.

Products will be available for online sale in the United States of America soon.

Making Bullets